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    At mod_cluster, I want to service JBOSS after my all apps was deployed

    Monad Gon Newbie


      1. installed mod_cluster(my website: www.myapplication.com)
      2. load balancing is working for 2 nodes(2 machine) of jboss eap6.4(node-1, node-2)
      3. node-1 and node-2 are running

      When I shutdown node-2 and redeploy some heavy application, a user is connecting to www.myapplcation.com.
      Unfortunately mod_cluster guided that user's request to node-2.
      And jboss display error page.


      How can I tell to mod_cluster guide users to node-2 after all my apps was deployed?


      Can I tell JBOSS EAP6.4 that please service after all apps was deployed?