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    Wildfly invalidate any session with given sessionId in cluster environment

    Fatih isik Newbie

      The scenario is :

      Admin list all user and able invalidate any session.

      Previous solution was, hold an application scope bean and add all logged in sessions into it, invalidate it whenever u want. After deploying war to cluster environment these solution is not applicable.


      In cluster environment scenario, assume that a session is created on master node and replicated to slave node through activemq. both nodes have all logged in session id list but not all Httpsession.

      Then, how  admin user (that active on master node) can invalidate a user which is active on slave node.


      Is there any way to get a session using session Id and invalidate it.

      (I used mod_cluster 1.2.6 and wildfly 10. )

      Thanks in advance.