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    Wildfly 9 Issue with Symbolic Links

    Asif Khan Newbie

      I have created following symbolic link:

                   /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/app.war/landingpages  ---> /home/landingpages


      Now if I create Subfolders inside /home/landingpages, some of them work from browser without ending slash (wildfly appends ending slash) and some of them do not


           If i create /home/landingpages/apage/index.html, the server appends an ending slash to it when i hit "<Server URL>/landingpages/apage" from browser it appends an ending slash to it and displays index.html

      but if I create /home/landingpages/ccg/index.html. the server does not append ending slash to it which is then fixed by restarting wildfly.


      I suspect some issue within Undertow with symlinks. But the behavior is inconsistent, it works with some symlinks and donot work with others and its random.