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    How to integrate correctly with JBoss Fuse, deploying OSGI bundles, remote debugging


      In my current project we have many maven based OSGI bundles that we deploy via scripts (shell:source file:///<path to script>). Those scripts are using maven repository as source for the jar. "profile-edit --repository mvn: ..." We also use the fuse console for all other tasks (start/stop/ redeploy ....)


      All those projects are imported as Maven projects into JBoss DS 9 GA.

      Now i want to integrate JBoss Fuse 6.2 with the IDE:

      how to remote debug my code that is deployed?

      to remote debug my code i tried this but it isn't working. I set the environment variable (i am on windows) and after that i started fuse - i can't see "Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 8000" - and thus the IDE can't connect for remote debugging.


      how to start/stop fuse from ide?

      So far i added a JBoss Fuse 6.2 Runtime Server to my "servers" view. I can start and stop it via the interface. After it is started i can access the web interface but i can't use "client" command to acces the console (can't establish connection). The "Terminal" vie in IDE shows the prompt "JBossFuse:admin@root>" but after some seconds i can't type in anything - the cursor just disapears.


      (un)deploy bundles

      Is there a way to deploy the bunndles via the IDE and proabably with syncing the code (like with webapps)? How to setup the maven projects to do so? At the moment i don't see any project or artifact in "add/remove resources" view.

      Thanks in advance