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    serve external content - photo directory

    Juergen Weber Novice

      I have a large folder structure with photos that I want Wildfly to serve as web content.


      d:/photos/galleries/myholidays/img_xxx.jpg should be reachable at http://localhost://photos/myholidays/img_xxx.jpg


      The photos tree structure should *not* be copied into Wildfly's virtual filesystem.


      I tried


      <jboss-web> <overlay>d:/photos/galleries</overlay></jboss-web>

      but this does not work with Wildfly 10.1, there is only content not found


      Ideally I would put a WEB-INF into galleries and deploy it to Wildfly (like Tomcat's Virtual Webapps Apache Tomcat 7 Configuration Reference (7.0.70) - The Context Container).


      Is that possible?


      Thanks, Jürgen