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    command-completion is slow

    Daniel Platz Newbie

      hi there,

      my command-completion in the forge console is insanely slow. if i type e.g. "comm" <TAB> it takes 2 seconds to complete the command or make suggestions. it is barely useable.

      my system is windows 7 64 bit. JDK 8.

      I was trying to sample it with JVisualVM and saw at lot of of waiting in the area of DefaultFileOperations. That made me look into the IO some more and when using Process Monitor it seems like an I large number of CreateFile/Query/CloseFile operations are happening on the filesystem; specifically on the directory itself (so no files are generated by CreateFile and friends are called on the folders themselfs; i am no OS guys so i assume these windows operations are just what gets called under the hood for the DefaultFileOperations calls); the directory IO operations always going up the directory structure to the root dir; and again a few times.


      Anybody else having these kind of troubles with the slowness and has found any reason? I mean, my system is 2 years old and has hard-disk-encryption but it has an SDD and nothing else is this slow...