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    Getting access to management client from WildFly Arquillian CommonDeployableContainer

    Ondrej Chaloupka Master



      I'm interested if could be feasible to change of API of CommonDeployableContainer to be able to reach ManagementClient from an Arquillian life cycle event observers. I think kind of making public of this method https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-arquillian/blob/master/common/src/main/java/org/jboss/as/arquillian/container/CommonDeployableContainer.java#L168


      My use case and reasoning:

      I test recovery process of TM for EAP. I have configured a byteman rule which kills JVM sometimes in the middle of JBoss EAP processing. Then I start the EAP contaner again and checking the recovery process to finish transactions. I do such thing in all of my tests in my testsuite.

      I've noticed that after some time of running there is many of hanging threads. Finally I found out that's because of not closed connections from management clients which are held by Arquillian. That's because client is not closed after the JBoss EAP server was killed abruptly. I would like to close such connection (meaning to call getManagementClient().close()) before the EAP server will be started again. I would like to create an Arquillian extension hook where I would get the container and reach the client for me being able to close it - kind of ((CommonDeployableContainer) container.getDeployableContainer()).getManagementClient().close().


      Do you think such opening of api would be possible? Or would you have some different idea how to get it working?