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    Wildfly 10 - Infinispan replicated cluster cache not starting

    Peter Coenen Newbie



      I'm trying to setup a Full-HA-Cluster (2 nodes) in Wildfly 10.0.0.Final with a shared/replicated Infinispan cache, but it doesn't seem to work.




      I created an own cache-container:







              <cache-container name="myclustercache"
                <replicated-cache name="default"
                                  remote-timeout="17500" />


      In my code I'm using the following cacheProducer to fetch the cache

      public class CacheContainerProducer {
        private static final Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(CacheContainerProducer.class);
        @Resource(lookup = "java:jboss/infinispan/container/myclustercache")
        private EmbeddedCacheManager cacheManager;
        public Cache<String, MyObject> createCache() {
        Cache<String, MyObject> cache = cacheManager.getCache("default");
        LOG.debug("Fetched cache with name: {}, Version: {} , Status: {}", cache.getName(), cache.getVersion(), cache.getStatus().toString());
        return cache;

      I defined dependencies in the manifest file via maven:


        <Dependencies>org.infinispan export</Dependencies>
        <Dependencies>org.infinispan, org.infinispan.commons, org.jboss.as.clustering.infinispan export</Dependencies>



      I'm using the default JGroups, I only altered the UDP to TCP.


      #Configure jgroups to use tcp protocol


      Maven dependencies:

      I have the following dependency because I'm using some methods from the cache-api.





      The problem is that the cache is not being replicated through my cluster. Both nodes seem to have an own version of the cache.

      Also, when reading from the cache I sometimes have ClasCastExceptions. It says that it can't cast a MyClass to MyClass. So I assume that there's a classloader problem somewhere.



      On multiple forums I found that these kind of problems can be caused by Wildfly not having started the cache within the container, but I can't find how to start it. In previous version there was a 'Start' attribute which could be set on EAGER but this is not supported anymore.


      I also tried injecting the cache directly like below but in this case it throws an nameNotFound exception. This solution is presented here by pferraro


      @Resource(lookup = "java:jboss/infinispan/cache/myclustercache/default")
      Cache<String, MyObject> cache;


      The strange thing is that even when I define a custom cache within my container, it's never started/shown in the jndi view of the wildfly server.



      I see my container using it's JGroup channel :

      ISPN000078: Starting JGroups channel myclustercache

      I see the server default cache being started. But I never see the 'myclustercache' default cache being started.

      WFLYCLINF0002: Started default cache from server container


      Other options I tried are:


      • Running with Wildfly 10.1 latest snapshot.
      • Definining the cluster cache programmatically, without using Wildfly (but this causes some lib and naming conflicts)
      • Defining in the application.xml descriptior file of the ear as follows:



      Could anyone please advice me what to do? I'm stuck with this problems for days and I don't see anymore options I can try.




      Many thanks in advance!



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          Paul Ferraro Master
          1. A replicated-cache requires a transport.  Without one, your cache will not start.  The transport defines which channel the cache manager will use.  If undefined, the default-channel will be used.e.g. /profile=full-ha/subsystem=infinispan/cache-container=myclustercache/transport=jgroups:add()
          2. You should always inject a managed cache directly, instead of creating it from an injected cache manager. Otherwise, you cannot guarantee that the cache will use the predefined configuration corresponding to its name, as it may not yet be installed, nor will the lifecycle of the created cache be handled correctly.
          3. When using a resource-ref in your deployment descriptor, you need to use the provided res-ref-name in your @Resource annotation
            e.g. @Resource(name="my-res-ref-name")
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            Isuru Liyanage Newbie

            Instead of injecting `CacheManager` you should inject each cache instance. While doing, keep in mind the following points.


            - Make sure to enter the correct JNDI name. To avoid any confusion you could explicitly mention the JNDI name in the configuration

            - Add the `transport` tag to the `cache-container`. This is needed for replicated or distributed mode.


            Sample Configuration in `standalone-full-ha.xml`

            <cache-container name="replicated_cache" default-cache="default" module="org.wildfly.clustering.server" jndi-name="infinispan/replicated_cache">
                  <transport lock-timeout="60000"/>
                  <replicated-cache name="customer" mode="SYNC" jndi-name="infinispan/replicated_cache/customer">
                    <transaction locking="OPTIMISTIC" mode="FULL_XA"/>
                    <eviction strategy="NONE"/>


            Inject the resource as follows

             @Resource(lookup = "java:jboss/infinispan/replicated_cache/customer")
                private Cache<String, Customer> customerCache;


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