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    Using Jersey in Wildfly: best practice when migrating applications?

    milspec Newbie

      Hi all,


      I've been tasked with moving a legacy application JavaEE (fka "J2EE") from jboss 4 to wildfly .


      My goal is to get it up and running with minimal immediate coding changes. medium term: the dev team should modernize


      One issue: jersey. The current application depends on jersey libraries (jersey 1.16 or Jax-RS 1.1) packaged in the ear. The code imports com.sun.jersey packages (e..g "com.sun.jersey.api.Responses").


      I read a one 'glassfish to wildfly' post which menteioned the need to rewrite some items


      -What are our options?

      -If I switch the implementation to resteasy, will these imports fail? Should I stop including the jersey-* libraries from the ear.

      -Can I define a 'jersey-module' and 'swap out' resteasy with jersey?


      thanks in advance