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    Changing prefix for default Managed Executor Service

    Maciej Romanowski Newbie

      Hello everybody,


      I've noticed that all threads names that uses any kind of Managed Executor Service are prefixed with hard coded string (i.e. "EE-ManagedExecutorService-"  in wildfly/ManagedExecutorServiceService.java at 9de9217e0106da10c7d05228bcf0559c81b6042c · wildfly/wildfly · GitHub). It makes quite long string in log files (using Logback with parameter called %thread), since pattern for such name is "EE-<type of managed executor>-<name of managed executor>-Thread-<number of thread>".


      My question is: Is there anyway to change or shorten the default prefix for managed executor services (ex. via standalone.xml file) ? Changing configuration for Logback for shortening %thread name is not a good idea since names of managed executors differs in length.


      Thank you in advance!


      Best regards,

      Maciej Romanowski