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    Issue with export to excel in jboss cluster with more then one node running

    srikant v Newbie

      Hi , I am using Jboss EAP 6 in our project and i am facing a strange issue in jboss cluster environment , I am facing the issue with Export to Excel feature , Where in when more than one node is running , and the functionality is not working but in the same environment when only one node is running the same feature is working fine


      When i checked the logs i didnt find any error loggings , in appserver as well as webserver


      So can anybody guide me how to overcome this , am i missing any configurations or any settings which need to be done in the cluster


      It would be a great help



      OS: RHEL

      APPSERVER : JBoss 6 EAP

      WEB SERVER : Apache 2.4.10