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    Version and patch strategy with wildfly

    SDCO ASM Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      We are currently choosing our application server and I would like some answers about wildfly :

      - I do not understand why there are 3 versions of wildfly for JEE7 (wildfly 8, 9, and 10).

      - What is the strategy concerning the security patch management (example: tomcat provides patches on major version of n-2)

      - Backward compatibility is it ensured between each major release (eg wildfly 9 and 10)? Minor (10.0.0 and 10.1.0 wildfly example)?



      Thank in advance if someone can answer to these questions



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          SDCO ASM Newbie

          Hi everyone,


          Is someone from the WILDFLY community would have answers to these 3 questions ?


          Thanks in advance,



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            Richard DiCroce Novice

            As I understand it:

            • WildFly version number is not tied to EE version.
            • WildFly is a community project. The official policy is that only the current major release gets patches. Unofficially, previous major releases sometimes get patched if the TPTB feel like it. I wouldn't depend on that happening though. If you need a guarantee, you should be using JBoss EAP.
            • WildFly follows semver rules, so minor releases should be backwards-compatible, but major releases may not be. Of course, all releases are certified against the EE TCK, so practically speaking, backwards compatibility is only something you have to worry about if you depend on functionality that is not mandated by some EE spec.