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    Openshift CDK  application route is not accepting traffic because not admitted to a router

    Jan van de klok Newbie

      Hello there,


          I'm struggling with a problem when running  my Fuse appllication in Openshift CDK.


      First of all:  The fuse application is running correctly in our production Openshift platform and on 1 developers Openshift CDK !!!


      Here is the weird thing: the exact same Fuse application  does run on 2 other developers Openshift CDK's  but in these cases the services in the application are not accessible. When looking at the route I see a warning there that says: The route is not accepting traffic yet because it has not been admitted by a router. 

      When looking in the yaml of the route I see that the  Ingress status is null


        ingress: null


      I can not find any errors in log file that would give any hint to why the route is not admitted to a router.

      I'm out of options!  All 3 developers CDK's are fromthe same installation executable and installed and configured in the same way.


      Is there anyone out there that had the same problem and/or knows a solution to this problem???


      We are using Openshift CDK


      OpenShift Master:
      Kubernetes Master:


      Hoping someone can help me out, Regards,


      Jan van de Klok