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    Highly important announcement for Wildfly, JBoss team & developers should know about...

    tony anecito Novice

      Hi All,


      Over the last 12 years I have used JBoss and now Wildfly since I was focused on performance. Last night I made an important announcement that I would like to share.


      It is in bold at the link: http://www.myuniportal.com


      I wanted to thank the Wildfly team since the one major reason I switched it was they are using undertow.


      So the obvious question by all is how.

      I started really getting into performance over 10 years ago.

      JBoss Performance Tuning


      Last time I checked many years ago it had over 100,000 views.


      So I continued my efforts over the years and each year I set a new performance goal. 10msec, 5mec 1ms ect.

      I am not your usual engineer. I have nearly 10 years hardware design experience, 15 years software experience and 5 years performance engineering experience that usually went into early morning hours.

      I believe in using engineering tools, review production reports, read log files and love to solve problems related to performance and stability. I am a known innovator and have received the highest awards (JavaOne Dukes award and others) for it.

      I know and stress the difference between fix and root cause.

      I am a engineer who really cares about the infrastructure people and the customers/users.


      So it took 10 years and a lot of experience and out of the box thinking to get the numbers I mention on my web site. It is real.


      So what was achieved has very important security aspects. DOS is one of them. I will not give a straight answer but your Security and System Engineers should be jumping up and down with pure happiness after reading what I wrote.


      Now what I need is what I asked a few years back of JBoss is for the log to be able to display response times below a microsecond since my logs now show what I mentioned on my home page of my web site.


      For the Directors who thought I was crazy doing what I did they must love big data centers with large number of servers you have to pay for, maintain, charge the cloud customers for, high failure rates (Google has this issue and a Google VP wrote about it.)


      Best Regards,

      Tony Anecito

      Founder/Chief Architect

      MyUniPortal LLC