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    [ModeShape 5.x] Maven snapshot repository

    Illia Khokholkov Newbie

      I am trying to find a Maven repository where ModeShape 5.2-SNAPSHOT would reside. The [1] has only a few modules published, but even those are for 4.1-SNAPSHOT. I found a continuous integration build [2], but it does a local build only, i.e. it does not deploy artifacts. The [3] has only released artifacts, as it probably should. Certainly, I could build the ModeShape artifacts myself, but I would rather download them from an already available repository, assuming it exists. The reason I need 5.2-SNAPSHOT is because it contains a fix for a bug that was blocking the testing of the project I am currently working on. Any help is very much appreciated.


      [1] Index of /repositories/snapshots/org/modeshape

      [2] Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence

      [3] Index of /groups/developer/org/modeshape