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    An alternative way to implement HA datasources and a few con

    Brett Cave Newbie

      Would something like this work?

      I am using heartbeat + ldirector for HA and loadbalancing of sql servers.

      I find that jboss applications become unavailable for a while if the connection gets lost - which happens occassionally due to packet loss. So in trying to get a stable jboss + mysql infrastructure, I would like to use

      The logic being that ldirector monitors mysql, and when a node goes down, it will immediately re-route to the other node. The datasource above uses connection pooling, so in the event of disconnection, it should automatically re-establish to the next server, which is the same server.

      Should this work?

      Also, i read somewhere that using background-validation with check-valid-connection-sql can cause a conflict, but cant find further info on it... any recommendations for detecting whether connections are valid?

      lastly, is using jdbc:mysql://ha.host:3306/db?autoReconnect=true the same as leaving "autoReconnect=true" off the URL and adding it to <connection-property> ?