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    Wildfly 10 Logging

    ismet bahadir Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am using Wildfly 10 on my production environments. I mostly use the GUI for the changes (i.e. add new datasource). In my current environment, there is only one log file located under /var/log/wildfly/wildfly.log and all my domain servers write to that folder. What I want to do is:


      1. I would like to have separate log files for each of my domain servers. I know that there is log folder under each server but that log file does not contain the info I need.
      2. I would like to limit the size of the log file whether there is only one file or there are separate files for each server. One of my Wildfly server had 5 GB of log file. When the set limit is exceeded, I would like to make a copy of the log and continue with a brand new one with a total of 3 log files with 100 MB max size.
      3. My log level is Error but I still get some Warning level logs. How I can prevent this?


      Here is my configuration:


      1. In my Root Logger, Handlers are "Console" and "File" and the level is "Error"
      2. In my Root Categories, there are already defined categories along with my own. When I add a new category, I enter "Name, Category, Level" parameteres and check "Use Parent Handlers" but I still get lower level logs. For example, I added "QueryTranslatorImpl" with the log level "Error" and "Use Parent Handlers" checked, but I still get Info level logs.
      3. Don't know what Handlers and Formatters tabs are.


      Can you please help?