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    How to quickly get the referenced paths and mixinTypes from nodes with many reference properties

    Benjamin Armintor Newbie

      We have a MODE application that operates on the jcr:path and jcr:mixinTypes properties of referenced nodes with a query along the lines of:


      SELECT [jcr:path] AS path, [jcr:mixinTypes] AS type

      FROM [nt:base] as ref

      WHERE [jcr:uuid] IN (

      SELECT [some:uniqueProperty] FROM [nt:base] AS child

      WHERE ISDESCENDANTNODE(child, '/path/to/contextNode')

      AND child.[some:uniqueProperty] IS NOT NULL



      Where jcr:path, jcr:uuid, and some:uniqueProperty are all indexed. However, as the number of references becomes large, the retrieval becomes very slow. The slowdown appears to be related to node retrieval for the index. Two questions:


      1) Is there a way to defer node retrieval in favor the indexed values from a query, if the case is that only the values from SELECT are needed?

      2) Is it true that [jcr:mixinTypes] (beyond the first value) cannot be indexed with the local indexProvider?