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    Domain Controller Failure

    Tejas Shah Novice

      Hello nadirx sebastian.laskawiec rvansa,




      I have two domain controller each domain controller has two host as above image.and DC1 and DC2.both has same name distributed cache container "Test4"


      1) In HC1.1 and HC1.2  static discovery domain is DC2.

      2) In HC2.1 and HC2.2  static discovery domain is DC1.

      - it means if DC1 is down HC1.1 and HC1.2 will connect to DC2 vice versa in HC2.1 and HC2.2


      - In my case if DC1 is down HC1 and HC2  is connected to DC2. than i was started DC1 and down DC2. It is give me below error.





      [Server:DC2] 14:06:57,743 ERROR [org.jboss.as.controller.management-

      operation] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 39) WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("read-attribute") failed - address: ([

      [Server:DC2]     ("subsystem" => "datagrid-infinispan"),

      [Server:DC2]     ("cache-container" => "clustered"),

      [Server:DC2]     ("distributed-cache" => "Test4")

      [Server:DC2] ]) - failure description: "Unavailable cache clusterwide-hits"

      How to solve above error??



      Tejas Shah