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    Datasource is not very JCA like

    Bernd Eckenfels Novice


      the JBoss (loxal-tx/xa/no)-transaction datasource for JDBC is not very RA like. It is mapping logical connections rather 1:1 to JDBC connections from the underlying Datasource or driver.

      This has some implications, for example that a lot of idle connections from beans will as well result in real idle JDBC connections (if the DB driver itself is not a smart pool). It also means that broken connections could be recovered in some cases more easyly if the DB pool would hand out logical jdbc connections to the clients, and bind the more losely to physical connectios.

      In the JMS Area we have an JMS-RA which is made for that, it will provide logical connections and bind them on demand to physical JMS resources.

      Am I missing an obvious solution for JDBC (other than looking into other pools).

      For oracle I am planning to go with the caching datasource in order to use some of the more advanced failover features, however that will not work for other DBs and the transparency with JMX into the pool statistics seems not be given (yet).

      Is this the right Forum or should I go over to the JCA/DataSource group with the discussion?