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    Website performance with Etags in wildfly-8.2.0.Final

    Atul bajpai Newbie

      I have a web application which is deployed on the wildfly server, the problem is I want to enable the caching for js, css and images etc to improve the page load time, at the same time also want browser to fetch the modified files as soon as there is a new version.

      I was going through different article available over the internet, mentioning about Etags.

      As per my understanding about the Etags, is that when a browser make a request to the web server then the server returns the Etag as some checksome for the requested resource, which then browser stores it in some If-last-modified header. When the next time browser request the same resource then the web server check this if-last-modified header against the etag, and if it matches the server send the HTTP (304) code otherwise it send the new resource file back.

      But a lot of people from different forum are saying avoid use of Etags, so i am little confused whether to use it or not. And one more thing, etags are not configured by default in wildfly server, so if it is a good to go with etags then how to configure it in wildfly or through .htaccess file