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    Access to the management layer from a remote host

    Eduard Dedu Newbie

      I have installed Wildfly on a virtual private server and I would like to control it from my personal computer. The two machines do not share the same network.

      This is how I'm using Wildfly at the moment.


      To start Wildfly I need to ssh into the remote server and invoke the standalone script (prefixing with nohup so the Java process isn't killed after I disconnect from the shell). Additionally, to access the admin page in my browser I need to whitelist all IPs with the -b switch.

      $ nohup ./standalone.sh -bmanagement

      This feel a little awkward and not very secure. I don't want the management console to be accessible from all IPs (even with password protection enabled). 


      Is there a way to configure Wildfly so that only specific external IPs can access the management layer? I tried passing an external IP with the -b option:


      ./standalone.sh -bmanagement=_external_ip_address


      but Wildfly doesn't like it and starts with errors.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks