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    Marshalling / Unmarshalling process instance variables

    Ariel Bullor Newbie



      I'm trying to start a process with a java.util.Date variable. I build the cliente like this:


      System.setProperty(KieServerConstants.CFG_BYPASS_AUTH_USER, "true");

      KieServicesConfiguration conf = KieServicesFactory.newRestConfiguration("http://localhost:8080/kie-server/services/rest/server", "myUser", "myPassword1!"); 



      Set<Class<?>> extraClasses = new HashSet<Class<?>>();

      extraClasses.add(Date.class); // for JSON only to properly map dates


      KieServicesClient kieServicesClient = KieServicesFactory.newKieServicesClient(conf);

      After that, I create the instance in this way:

      Map<String,Object> variables = new HashMap<String,Object>();

      variables.put("actorId", "9023");

      variables.put("myDate", new Date());


      ProcessServicesClient psc = this.kieServicesClient.getServicesClient(ProcessServicesClient.class);

      Long instanceId = psc.startProcess("myContainer", "myProcessId", variables);

      I put a sysout of the variables in a script task, and it writes:

      12:17:27,956 INFO  [stdout] (Thread-345 (HornetQ-client-global-threads-1235425573)) The variables are [{myDate=Tue Aug 16 12:17:22 ART 2016, actorId=9023}].

      So, myDate is a correct java.util.Date.

      But, if I try this from the same client:

      Map<String,Object> map = psc.getProcessInstanceVariables("myContainer", instanceId);


      {myDate=1471360642549, actorId=9023}


      myDate seems like a Long...


      Am I using the client in a wrong way?


      Thanks to all!!!