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    hibernate + log4j.xml = can not get it work

    Dmitri Ilyin Newbie


      i have stupid problem. I have a simples jpa configuration, one class woth JPA anotation ud one unit test. I wanted to see hibernate output nad have put log4j.xml file in the classpath. But i don't see log statements from hibernate.
      i see just INFO "common" statements about initialisation but nothing about queries and parameters. It seems that my log4j.xml will be not found.

      Are there any tricks? I have already searched but found only tutorials how to configure log4j properly. I mean i have done all correctly.

      <category name="org.hibernate">
       <priority value="TRACE"/>
       <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE"/>

      But it still not work.

      any ideas?

      thanks a lot for any advises