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    Heapdump file in jboss-fuse_6.2.1\data\tmp

    Claudio Turetta Newbie

      Hi All,


      I've the following problem.

      At work I have a virtual machine with VirtualBox, in this virtual machine I've Linux Mint v17.2 Rafaela.

      In my virtual machine I have mount a disk with jboss fuse version 6.2.1.

      I've noticed that somentime I have problem of free space and seems that in the folder {HOME_FUSE6.2.1}\data\tmp I found several files, called heapdump{DIGIT}.txt.

      Some of this file have a very big size (700MB for example) and I try to delete once this file manually (with canc button), but after all seems that the server doesn't run.

      Anyone know a way to delete this file. in safe mode?


      Thanks in advance.