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    Seam UserTransaction in wildfly 8.2.0

    Manish Prajapati Newbie

      Previously I was using seam 2.1 and JPA 1 along with JBOSS 5. In this configuration I was accessing user transaction using below code:


      UserTransaction userTx = Transaction.instance();
        if (userTx != null) {
        boolean previousTransaction = Transaction.instance().isActive();
        if (!previousTransaction) {
        userTx.setTransactionTimeout(10 * 60);
        if (previousTransaction) {



      After that I have migrated to seam 2.3 and jpa 2 along with wildfly 8.2.0. I can not access the user transaction with above code so can anyone please guide me on how to access the user transaction in wildfly 8.2.0.?

      What I am primarily looking for is the way to immediately perist my changes when I do flush using entitymanagaer and it should not wait for method to exit.

      Please guide me on this.