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    What is the interest for a container adapter for the "resteasy plugin for undertow"

    Jean Morissette Newbie

      Hi Arquillian developers,


      First, thanks for developing this truely useful piece of software.


      What would be your interest for making available a container adapter for the RestEasy Undertow plugin - see class UndertowJaxrsServer [1,2]?  We developed such an adapter for our internal needs and would be happy to contribute to arquillian efforts it if there is any interest from Aquillian developers.

      In such case, how should we proceed (not sure where to create a pull request since it's a self contained project)?

      Best regards,

      Jean Morissette



      [1] UndertowJaxrsServer (RESTEasy JAX-RS 3.0.13.Final API)

      [2] Maven Repository: org.jboss.resteasy » resteasy-undertow