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    Encryption for MVStore with filepersistence

    Thomas Newman Newbie

      Hello. Thankyou for creating this project. It has suited our needs for an image server very well.


      I am looking to encrypt our images at rest.


      Is there a recommended approach to encrypt binary data using filepersistence? The meta data can remain unencrypted.


      I am using filepersistence, which I understand to use MVStore behind the scenes.


      The link below shows configuration for path and compress which map directly to MVStore builder

      File System persistence - ModeShape 5 - Project Documentation Editor


      See sourcecode for FileDb line 183.

      modeshape/FileDb.java at 6aacd6f6be4d68ec98a5c0b82add681feb37048e · ModeShape/modeshape · GitHub


      Also the wordpress site talking about file persistence changes talks about optional features like compression and encryption. Compression is a configuration option in Modeshape, but not encryption.

      ModeShape | An open-source, federated content repository 2. File system store


      Is there a reason to not expose MVStore.encryptionKey ? Perhaps this would impact search.


      Kind Regards,