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    new to JBOSS from IBM integration bus


      need help with getting set up for the first time. I want to try out FUSE as an esb and try creating a flow like I would on IBM IIB by dragging and dropping nodes.


      went to red hat site and downloaded devstudio 10 stand alone and followed instructions to look for software/updates and look for FUSE in early access and dint find any.


      then downloaded devstudio with EAP in hopes that might have it. it didn't.


      then downloaded fuse full version 9 i think hoping that would give me everything but it has the command line for FUSE i believe.


      i tried to integrate the dev studio with FUSE hoping that would give me the FUSE nodes etc., i couldn't figure out how to do this.


      then i looked up for new software and pointed to integration stack 9 site and it did show up FUSE, SOA and 5x SOA [ have no idea what the difference between SOA and 5x SOA is] found this suggestion on google and tried it.


      Now, i thought this will get me FUSE perspective with nodes, it didn't. At this point my Sunday was gone and went to bed.


      I want to be able to do flows like i would on IBM IIB, input nodes-->compute nodes-->output nodes [ if you are familiar with IBM integration bus]


      what all software do i need from JBOSS and in what order? Can some one point me to the step by step if there is a document like this?


      P:S - i can download a developer edition of IBM integration bus and actually run a sample flow in under an hour if not sooner. there is clear documentation on what needs to be done. The jboss stack is quite confusing and the documentation is not helping much. Is Jboss meant for the more technological oriented teams where team members participate in hackathons? I am looking for an ESB solution where i can get someone new up and running in about a few weeks time with or without expert level java skills.