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    bug in deployment-overlay feature redeploy-affected?


      Using WF10.0 I stumbled into a possible bug concerning deployment-overlays: For --redeploy-affected, the --deployment= have to hold the *name* of a deployment to trigger the redeployment of an application but the *runtime-name* of a deployment to get the overlay into effect. As a workaround, i use the couple of both. Is this already known or even fixed? From the docs i can't decide what the semantic *should* be - the deployment's name or the runtime name. Maybe the developers can't also resulting in this bug


      As an example:


          <deployment name="a.domain.tld/foo" runtime-name="a.domain.tld/foo.war">
              <fs-archive path="/data/jeeapps/a.domain.tld/foo.war"/>
          <deployment-overlay name="a.domain.tld/foo">
              <content path="/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.xml" content="1c00483a3f60f21d56d9a693a2b11c8c104fc7b8"/>
              <content path="/WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml" content="c490bbb451fcb00b79fdffdba4fd77e3464fbe6d"/>
              <deployment name="a.domain.tld/foo.war"/>     <!-- need this to get the overlay into effect, i.e. to get the files of the deployment overridden -->
              <deployment name="a.domain.tld/foo"/>         <!-- need this to trigger the redeploment of the affected deployment -->


      • Without referring to the runtime-name, i don't see the files of the application don't get overridden.
      • Without referring to the name, the application don't get reloaded if the overlay is created or refreshed.


      Is this an already know bug or even fixed?


      Thanks for help




      typos in example fixed.