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    http proxies in the CDK 2.1?

    Nicholas Selleh Newbie

      I'm attempting to kick the OpenShift tires using the CDK 2.1 at work. Naturally, I've got an unsupported environment right out of the box - everything internal must go through our corporate proxy, and this is not supported as noted in the CDK 2.1 Known Issues(Chapter 3. Known Issues - Red Hat Customer Portal). I deal with this often on RHEL and have a working solution - I just use the handy CNTLM package and then then reconfigure the appropriate services to go through that. Http proxies seem to be supported in the Enterprise OpenShift 3.2(OpenShift Enterprise 3.2 | Installation and Configuration | Working with HTTP Proxies) platform, but I can't figure out all the services that will need to be reconfigured in CDK 2.1.


      The services that I know will need proxy reconfiguration in CDK 2.1 are:

      yum - /etc/yum.conf
      docker - /etc/sysconfig/docker


      what else, in CDK 2.1, needs to be reconfigured?
      there are no /etc/sysconfig/atomic-openshift* files to modify.