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    Role based access to Kie-Server web portal

    Manikanta Krishna Reddy Newbie

      I am developing a Role Based Project. I need to know whether it is possible to make a user to have read only access to a project. I need to assign role to the user by which he/she can have Read-only access to see the Project/repository. The user should able to access only the project which he is assigned. He should not have access to view other project/repository. What role i can assign the user?

      Whether it is possible in 6.4.0 final version.


      I have found that kie-workbench has 5 roles








      For admin and developer role, i can able to see that they have entire access like edit,delete,save the project.

      For Analyst,User and Manger. they have no access to view the project.



      Any role have only read-only permission to project/repository?

      if read-only access is possible to project based access, can you tell me how give user read-only to user.