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    Using the CLI to build LDAP authentication into the Management Interfaces (http and Native).

    Arthell George Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am trying to figure out Secure LDAP authentication on the JBoss EAP 6.4 Management Interfaces (http and Native).  When I try and build the config,  which needs to be done through the CLI,  I end up with errors.  I know I am missing dependencies and thereby getting commands out of order so here is a view into my dilemma.

      Red Hat JBoss Enterprise


      Application Platform 6.4 How to Configure Identity Management


      Following these instructions:

      1. Create an outbound connection to the LDAP server.



           /core-service=management/ldap-connection=ldap-connection/:add( search-credential=*************, url=ldap://x.x.x.x:636, search-dn="cn=*****,cn=*****,dc=*******,dc=local"



      2. Create a new LDAP-enabled Security Realm and reference the outbound connection.

           /core-service=management/security-realm=ldap_security_realm/authentication=ldap:add(connection="ldap-connection", base-dn="cn=*****,dc=*******,dc=local", advanced-filter="(&(sAMAccountName={0})(memberOf=CN=*****,CN=*****,DC=*******,DC=local))"



      3. Reference the new security realm in the Management Interface.

           Here is where I get dependency errors or not predefined condition errors depending on my input.

      Have I jumped to far ahead to get the group-search implemented?

      Where and how do I authorize the security realm within the CLI?

      Willing to share as much as possible and clear any issues or misconceptions

      Thanks in Advance.