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    Virtual Dom?


      One of the killer feature in ReactJS is the abstraction layer over DOM (e.g. virtual dom), so that the the app does not manipulate the browser DOM  directly, but the changes are intelligently calculated (diff) and batched. I just listened a presentation of AngularJS 2 and they, too, are abstracting rendering. This is all about performnace. And there are many others: Maquette, Mithril, Citojs, elm ...


      Is there anything similar for Errai planned - so far the data binding design does not allow for such abstraction?



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          Any thoughts on that? I just read that Vue.js is also using virtual dom.

          I know there is some new Earrai 4 API for page rendering which might be able to delay/batch dom changes, but wanted to hear your thoughts. Again, this pure performance game.