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    Enable Windows Authentication via local Windows OS user account database in non-domain environment

    Roger Lindholm Newbie

      Anybody knows if and in that case how to configure WildFly to use the local Windows OS user account database for authentication in a non-domain environment?

      Since I'm not in a domain I can't use Kerberos. From what I understand I should be able to use SPNEGO with NTLM for local authentication if I can configure WildFly for it.


      All my WildFly access is done from localhost, I do not have any need for remote access (my computer is not even connected to any network).

      When users access WildFly login needs to be done silently using the credentials of the user of the web browser (i.e. in my case the locally logged in user).


      After authentication I would if possible like to be able to assign roles in WildFly based on what Windows groups the user is a member of so that I don't need to use a separate property file for that.


      If possible I would like to enable Windows authentication globally for the whole server instead of per servlet.


      If native WildFly does not support this, I would be interested in other solutions using third party components.


      My OS is Windows 7 SP1 and I'm currently stuck with WildFly 8.2. Browser is IE11.


      Best regards