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    Workspace support in CMIS Service

    Mashama McFarlane Novice

      Does the CMIS Service support more than the default workspace?  This is the first time I have tried to use this service and I cannot figure out how to access other workspaces in the repository.

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          Horia Chiorean Master

          Can you be a bit more specific about which parts of the CMIS spec you are referring to ?


          For example, CMIS 1.1 states about the AtomPub service document:




          The service document will also be available from Atom Entry and Atom Feed documents via a link relationship

          service. That AtomPub service document MUST then only contain one workspace element which

          MUST be the workspace representing the repository containing the Atom Entry or Atom Feed document.


          So it 's pretty explicit about the existence of only 1 workspace.


          In general, ModeShape's CMIS support is entirely built on Apache OpenCMIS. So if the latter supports multiple workspaces, so does ModeShape. But I don't see anything about multiple workspaces in the CMIS spec...

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            Mashama McFarlane Novice

            I also found resources referring to this section of the specification.  In my research I couldn't find anything about multiple workspace support either in CMIS, so I am inclined to believe that there is no support either.  I looking for confirmation about this from you.  Thanks Horia.