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    Starting Wildfly as a service using "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService"

    Jiju Jacob Newbie


      I managed to configure Wildfly 8.2.0 to run as a service using "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService" by using some minor tweaks in service.bat. I am able to verify that wildfly got successfully installed as a service in the services.msc (services console) on windows and had the "Network Service" as the logon account.


      However I noticed that when I start the service, even though the Java process is started, the wildfly server does not come online. There is no content in the logs as well.


      My question is "can we configure wildfly to run as a service using this account"


      I was able to successfully run wildfly as a service using the Local System account and the domain account.


      I am also attaching the changes done to the wildfly service.bat for reference to the tweaks mentioned above.