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    How to disable same name sibling


      Hi everybody,


      I would like to disable the same name sibling on my Jcr Repository. How can I do that? I did'nt find any configuration tag or method to disactivate it.


      Thank you in advance



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          You cannot disable SNS. If you don't want SNS, you have to model your data accordingly. The JCR spec explains (via the CND format or the API) how to create data types which don't allow SNS.

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            Hi Kevin,


            I wanted to do the same thing and found this node type definition. You can use it in your CND as your base node type instead of using nt:unstructured.



            * A node type that does not allow same named siblings. Otherwise it is identical to nt:unstructured.


            [xyz:baseNodeType] orderable

              - * (undefined) multiple

              - * (undefined)

              + * (nt:base) = xyz:baseNodeType version