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    What is the recommended value of cache-ref in <session-bean><stateful cache-ref  > in a HA singleton scenario

    Wayne Wang Apprentice



      I am setting up the whole application (based on wildfly10.0.0.Final) to run as HA singleton, and I have two wildfly10 instances.


      The default value from standalone-full-ha.xml for cache-ref is distributable ( <session-bean><stateful  cache-ref="distributable" >). I used the configuration file to run the application, and got error when accessing a stateful session bean.


      By checking the default configuration for ejb in infinispan section, the cache-container for web is a distributed cache and that is shared with ejb. The default owners=2. Now, I think this out-of-box setting may not be applicable to my case since I will only have at most one wildfly instance running at any time, and the owners=2 means the distributed cache will be copied to 2 instances of the cluster.


      In my case, does it make more sense to configure replicated-cache for both web and ejb?