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    jboss as 6 clustering with mod_cluster not working.

    Reetam Nath Newbie



      I am new to jBoss clustering. I am trying to do the jboss clustering with the mod_cluster. I follow the steps from Chapter 3. httpd configuration and i am using mod_cluster-1.3.1.Final-windows-amd64-ssl.zip.

      My apache httpd configured and started successfully with the following configuration:

      <IfModule manager_module>


           ManagerBalancerName mycluster

           <VirtualHost *:80>

                <Location "/">

                     Require ip 192.168.4


                KeepAliveTimeout 300

                MaxKeepAliveRequests 0

                #ServerAdvertise on

                AdvertiseFrequency 5

                #AdvertiseSecurityKey secret


                AllowDisplay On


                <Location /mod_cluster_manager>

                     SetHandler mod_cluster-manager

                     Require ip 192.168.4





      and i can access the http://localhost/mod_cluster_manager and it shows the following page

      but when i start the jboss as 6 with the default configuration, still my http://localhost/mod_cluster_manager page does not show the jboss node.

      and i cant figured it out why.

      I already write a small java program for the checking the multicast ip and i can get the message from it successfully.

      Please i need your help.


      Thank you