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    Transactions and strange behaviour

    Gus Gorman Newbie


      I have some behaviour that I just don't understand.

      I have an entity Release, which has a one to many relationship with Question.

      Question has a composite key (i know...) and therefore we use a version attribute: <version name="Version" unsaved-value="0"/>

      The following behaviour is occuring:

      1) Load a release.
      2) Loop round its collection of Question objects. (don't modify them)
      3) Call any code that begins and commits a transaction, and for every Question loaded in stage 2, if the version
      number > 1 then an update is done on that Question, thus incrementing the Version number.

      If I do modify a Question in any way during stage 2 then this change is persisted in stage 3, which I also don't understand, surely I should have to call SaveOrUpdate?

      Why is going on here?

      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
      I am using nHibernate 2.