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    Server side validation in Unified KIE Server with UI extension

    Arif Mohammed Novice

      I was looking into the blog written by Maciej Accelerate your business: jBPM UI extension on KIE Server It was quite interesting and I appreciate Maciej's effort in writing this blog, I also appreciate his expertise in answering some of the questions which are helpful in solving real time issues. I have integrated jBPM-6.1.0 with Spring in our web application(standalone mode) successfully and it is in production without any issues till now. By going through the features like Unified KIE Server and jBPM UI extension on KIE Server, I am thinking to redesign our application little bit to move out the embedded processes within our web application to kjar and deploy it to independent KIE Server. In order to achieve that I have following hurdles, can anyone please let me know how can I achieve them or is there any alternate way of doing it ?


          1) As of now I believe the custom java object associated with task form is stored within jbpm task table or some other jbpm table, How do I map the custom java object(POJO) member variables into a separate table out of jbpm tables(application specific table). so that I can update the mapped table with custom queries within my application.

         2) How can I achieve server side validation. Meaning user input in task form should be validated by calling some restful service, example; to check for the existence of provided invoice number in some other database.