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    Remote Monitoring of Wilfdfly 9.0.1 in Domain Mode

    Brett Hanekom Newbie

      I am trying to setup JVisualVM to monitor Wildfly remotely.

      My system is setup in Domain Mode and I can get access to the Host Controller process and monitor memory/CPU usage (service:jmx:remote://, however I have 2 different Server Groups and would like to monitor the individual server memory usage.


      I have tried following several other guides on here and I have set the use-management-endpoint to false, but I do not know how to connect to monitor the individual servers. I have read that there is supposed to be a port 4447, but when I do a netstat -an I cannot see anything listening on that port, but do see the 9999. I have als tried doing a direct (response is ��� �� wildfly-primary.resque.remsdaq.com), when I do i get problem loading page, indicating it is not available.


      I am trying to avoid installing any additional agents for monitoring on the Wildfly server.

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          Adrien T Newbie

          Hi Brett,


          You can actually use the Host Controller to monitor your memory usage, for example by using the REST API exposed by it. But if you want to use JMX, you have to:


          1- create a socket binding


          2 - create a connector

          /profile=XXX/subsystem=remoting/connector=remote-connector:add(socket-binding="remoting", security-realm="ApplicationRealm")

          3 - enable JMX without management endpoint


          4 - create an application user

          done by running bin/add-user.sh (option b)


          Then from your JMX client (like VisualVM) use "service:jmx:remote://<server-node-host>:4447" with the credentials of the user you've created.


          All of that can be done without a restart of the domain.