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    Remote Monitoring of Wilfdfly 9.0.1 in Domain Mode

    Brett Hanekom Newbie

      I am trying to setup JVisualVM to monitor Wildfly remotely.

      My system is setup in Domain Mode and I can get access to the Host Controller process and monitor memory/CPU usage (service:jmx:remote://, however I have 2 different Server Groups and would like to monitor the individual server memory usage.


      I have tried following several other guides on here and I have set the use-management-endpoint to false, but I do not know how to connect to monitor the individual servers. I have read that there is supposed to be a port 4447, but when I do a netstat -an I cannot see anything listening on that port, but do see the 9999. I have als tried doing a direct (response is ��� �� wildfly-primary.resque.remsdaq.com), when I do i get problem loading page, indicating it is not available.


      I am trying to avoid installing any additional agents for monitoring on the Wildfly server.