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    Distributed transactions using Narayana in .net core web api

    Purnima Naik Newbie

      We are migrating our WCF services to .net core Web API. Our WCF service used DTC service for distributed transactions.


      Now in .net core, we are converting every WCF service into .net core web api application.


      I have found Narayana Transaction Manager, but I am not sure whether it will work with .net core web API, but I am trying to do its setup?


      Till now what I know is, these transaction managers provides java coordinator service which needs to be hosted in Tomcat, and my .net core API can call this coordinator service.


      So can someone please tell me:

      1)How to integrate Narayana Transaction Manager in Tomacat? I referred following link, but I am not understanding anything from 4th step(being a .net developer)



      2)After much struggle, I am able to run tomcat by referring to above link, but when I try to deploy sample war files given by Narayana like "ws-t11-coordinator", "ws-t11-participant", its giving me "javax.naming.NamingException: Cannot create resource instance" error. Can someone tell me what is this error?


      3)Why we need to specify data-source in resource file of context.xml, as this is just a coordinator service?


      4)Can someone provide me an example of its implementation into .net?


      I am totally new to JAVA, please help me.