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    Using JBDS to generate a REST front end that drives a remote SOAP

    Har Puri Newbie

      For a final implementation in Fabric8, I need to create a local REST front end that drives a remote SOAP endpoint

      for example I am using http://www.webservicex.net/airport.asmx?wsdl with the operation getAirportInformationByAirportCode  which takes a string airport code e.g. "TPA" or "ORD" and returns a string XML fragment .


      This is because looking at the standard Fuse examples I got thoroughly confused between blueprint.xml, spring and CXF as it is hard to differnetiate the


      I started with Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Version: 10.1.0.GA Build id: GA-v20160902-1725-B43 Build date: 20160902-1725

      I don't know if that one is buggy (please advise if I should switch to a lower version e.g. 9 or 8)