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    Common use cases for JDV

    Sayantan Mondal Newbie

      Hi All ,


         I am bit new to DV and Jboss DV in general. Can someone explain how we can implement this in a Telco landscape.





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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          Welcome to JDV forums. Data Virtualization technology I would say is not particularly tied to any particular industry, it can be applied to any such usecase where data is scattered throughout your enterprise, you are wanting to take a look at this disparate sources income as single source. There are many advantages to this type access, few of the main points are

          • Real time access to your data
          • No duplication or movement of data to intermediate stores
          • Single access layer to all your data
          • Data integration across all your sources, irrespective of type sources
          • Data abstraction layers (logical views of your data across all the data sources), which leads to loose coupling between your physical and logical views of data. End use client applications and physical sources can evolve independent of each other
          • centralized security layer
          • Rapid prototyping, see results in minutes/hours over similar ETL process.
          • etc


          If any one or more of above is what you are looking for then DV solution is for you. JBoss Data Virtualization is very mature product (over 10+ yrs of development) with lots of history and footprint in the industry. The only Open Source solution in this space currently.


          So, if you have any specific questions about your usecase, I would happy to answer them. Take look at our quick starts.