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    Problem with BRMS 6.3 guided decision table rules.

    Raciel Gutierrez Newbie

      I am having a problem with some guided decision table rules.

      I create these rules with the Guided decision table, and i test them successfully, the problem is always just with the rule Otherwise!.


      I am attaching a screenshot from my rules. As you can see the example is simple, I have two clients, with two fees types, I accept or reject the fee depending on the client and the amount of the fee.

      I use the Otherwise rule, In case i Receive any client not in the list, It should reject the fee if the client is none of the Two.

      All the rules work perfectly  , except when i send a client that is not in the list, i Get back a False..a Reject, And if I send again the data correctly, with a correct Client, and amount under approved, and a correct fee type no matter what... always after that always give me back a Reject base on that Rule. Always, and the only way to fix it is Stop and Start again the container in the Rule Deployment.


      Any ideas why is happening this?


      Thank you very much i hope i was able to explain correctly.



      rules guided table.PNG

      POST request.PNG

      container and local server.PNG