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    "WFLYUT0063: Could not find the port number listening for protocol HTTP/1.1" when SSL is used

    Thomas Walas Newbie

      Hello together,


      Since wildfly we have the following issue:


      Our Undertow Subsystem is configured to use SSL. WebServices Subsystem is untouched.

      Now when we deploy a webservice we get the error message: WFLYUT0063: Could not find the port number listening for protocol HTTP/1.1

      Our conclusion is that the webservices subsystem used to get the wsdl information from the web subsystem, which was somehow changed along the Undertow introduction.


      Our workaround for this is to set the <wsdl-secure-port> and the <wsdl-port>.

      The problem with this approach is that we use multislot installations and have no way to define the <wsdl-secure-port> slot-independent.


      Also the doc says:

      wsdl-secure-port intSet this property to explicitly define the HTTPS port that will be used for rewriting the SOAP address.
      Otherwise the HTTPS port will be identified by querying the list of installed HTTPS connectors.


      But unfortunately thats not the case here. Is this something you will fix, or can you provide a workaround respecting multislot installations?


      Best regards