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    TableGenerator is not backward compatible when upgrading from JBoss 4.2.3 to Wildfly 9.0.1

    Yoni Mazar Newbie

      I am trying to upgrade an EJB project that we have from JBoss 4.2.3 to Wildfly 9.0.1


      All our entities are inheriting from a supper class named RootEntity which has the Id property as you can see below:



        @Column(name = COLUMN_ID)

        @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.TABLE, generator = GENERATOR)

        @TableGenerator(name = GENERATOR, table = GENERATED_IDS_TABLE_NAME, schema = "Common")

        protected long id;


      This setting works fine on 4.2.3 (Hibernate creates a row for each entity type in the Id generation table), but when I upgraded to 9.0.1 I got "cannot read or init hi value".

      I have spent few days trying to work around this issue - I tried to create a persistence.xml file with the following property


      <property name="hibernate.id.new_generator_mappings" value="false"></property>


      as mentioned in this thread, but this didn't help - I got an "unknown error" and I wasn't able to get this working. I even tried to specify the names of the key and value columns in the @TableGenerator attribute but It still didn't solve the issue


      I am trying to come up with an elegant solution that will allow me to do the migration without significant code/db schema changes (While maintaining backward compatibility) and I would appreciate any advice you can give me on this.