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    kie workbench backup restore behavior questions

    Kevin Jones Newbie

      I'm attempting to figure out how to handle some odd behavior of kie workbench.


      we're running a dockerized version of workbench, and we're trying to follow the best practices for backup and recovery, namely "save the repository and config dir directories".


      We create rules, objects, DRLs, test objects, etc., all of that prior to the backup. For backup, we're simply tarballing the directory containing the repository plus the config directory to a different place.


      When we try to test a restore of the data, we can see the projects and branches in the repository, but trying to click on them within workbench produces a null exception. Clicking on the project authoring button also produces a null exception in this case.


      As usual, I'm having to learn this system through trial by fire, so I'm not even certain where to look for what logs or other information might help deduce what the problem really is.


      Any advice or further debugging pointers would be appreciated.